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686 Dual Liner

686 Dual Liner


686 Dual Liners are Industry Proven Over Decades

For Water Based and Solvent Based Compounds

Parts & Tooling Uniformity with Grace 686 Dual Liner

Electronic Compound Lining Accuracy

Use Eurocan EF or Grace EP Compound Guns

Full Range of Accessories

CE Mark & EU Declaration of Conformity


The 686 Dual Lin
er is a high speed dual lane machine for the application of water based and solvent based compound on tinplate ends.

686 Dual Liner Castings

Built on a cast iron frame, all the component parts and tooling sets of the Eurocan 686 Dual Liner are interchangeable with the Grace 686 Dual Liner manufactured by FMC in Belgium.

The machine is designed for use with Eurocan EF electronic compound guns or Grace EP electro-pneumatic compound guns.



Radial Cut-Off Knife Tooling

Radial Cut-Off Knife Tooling


Ends are accumulated in a pair of infeed downstackers incorporating an electronic stack height control system, to ensure a quantity of ends is kept in the hoppers when the supply of ends from the press is interrupted. 

An end is released from each stack on to the feed bars by the action of the radial cut-off knives, and then drops off the feed bars on to the table as they continue their backward stroke. The end is positively controlled by magnets in the table surface.


The end is then pushed on to the lining chuck under the hold down pad by the forward stroke of the feed bars.

Radial Cut-Off Knife ToolingThe mechanically driven chucks lift the end under the pressure of the hold down pad to bring it up into position near the tip of the nozzle on the compound gun.

The rotational speed of the chucks is determined by the ratio of the helical drive gears. The standard ratio is 7.44 turns of the chuck to one machine revolution, which is equal to a chuck speed of 2604 rpm at a machine speed of 350 rpm. Machine speed is controlled by an electronic inverter.



Electronic Accuracy


EF Compound GunAn electronic sensor is actuated by the presence of the end on the chuck, and the signal from it is used to actuate the firing of the compound gun. With EF electronic compound guns, separate electrical signals are generated to open and close the gun. The timing of these signals is automatically adjusted to compensate for varied response times from the electro-magnetic solenoids in the guns.

This electronic control ensures very accurate turns lining control, which is the basis of exact and consistent compound weight accuracy and consistency.

After the gun has cycled, the chuck drops the end down on to the table and it is pushed to the discharge conveyor by the pusher fingers on the front of the feed bars. Another end is placed on the chuck in the same cycle.

Mechanical Durability


686 Dual Liner Castings

Manufactured and assembled using high quality castings and machined parts from a UK foundry and CNC tool rooms, the Eurocan 686 Dual Liner has built on a worldwide reputation for durability and reliability founded by the original Grace design.

All moving parts are kept constantly lubricated by  a mechanical gear pump which circulates oil from a sump around the drive system.

686 Dual Liner Internal Drive




All proprietary parts are of UK or European origin, and our electrical control panels are designed and assembled in-house to suit your specific company and factory specifications and standards.

A comprehensive inventory of spare parts ensures we can despatch replacement parts ex-stock when required.



Health & Safety


686 Dual Liner Safety Guards


For European markets the machine is supplied with electrically interlocked safety guards designed in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. A CE Mark and Declaration of Conformity are provided as required by EU legislation. For other markets this guarding package is optional.





Heated Compound Hose

A range of accessories is available for the 686 Dual Liner including pressurised compound supply tanks, pressure regulators, compound pumping systems for stirring and dispensing water based compound from drums, and heated compound hose assemblies.





End Diameter Range 50 - 99mm (200 - 401)
Machine Speed Up to 800 epm total in 2 lanes
Chuck Spindle Speeds
Optional Chuck Spindle Gear Ratios Chuck Spindle RPM @ Machine RPM of 350
5.15 1803
6 2100
6.32 2212
6.66 2331
7.03 2461
7.44 2604 (Standard)
7.86 2751
8.35 2923
8.86 3101
Chuck Lift 9 mm
Stroke of Feed Bars 135 mm
Main Machine Drive 2.2 kW, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz
Electrical Supply 220 V, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz
380/415 V, 3 phase + Neutral, 50/60 HZ
Control Voltage 24 V DC
Material Specifications
Mainframe Casting Grade 250 SR Stress Relieved
Chuck Shaft Housing Casting SG500/7 Stress Relieved
Aluminium Forgings LM25 Stress Relieved
Helix & Spiral Bevel Gears EN19 Hardened
Cams EN36 Hardened & Ground
Exterior Finishes
Change Parts Electroless Nickel Plated
Guards & Cover Plates Powder Coated
Mainframe Etching Base Primer & Machine Grade Epoxy Paint
Crankcase Capacity 12 Litres
Pressure Up to 1.5 Kg/cm2
In-Line Filtration Yes
External Pressure Gauge Yes
Electrical Component Types
Contactors Telemechanique
Push Buttons Telemechanique
Variable Speed Drive Control Techniques Type SK
Isolator Allen Bradley
Sensors Omron
Timers Omron
Power Supplies Calex & Traco
Breakers Merlin Guerin
Terminals Weidmuller
Cabinet Rittal
Motor Siemens
Safety Pilz
EF Compound Guns
Open Voltage 24V DC
Close Voltage 12 or 24V DC
Guaranteed Accuracy +/- 0.1 Turns Lining
Compound Weight +/- 5 mg Dependent On Compound Condition
Maximum Needle Lift 1.5 mm
Maximum Rated Speed 800 spm
Needle Stainless Steel
Nozzle Carbide or Stainless Steel
Length 860 mm
Width 616 mm
Table Height 800 mm
Height of Infeed Hopper 1250 mm
Shipping Data
Crate Size 105(l) x 115(w) x 155(h) cms
Gross Weight 825 Kg

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