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TAJ Seamer Tooling

TAJ Seamer Tooling

TAJ Seamer Tooling from Eurocan with some interesting benefits including:

TAJ Seamer Tooling
  • High Quality Chucks and Rolls
  • Competitive Prices and Fast Delivery
  • Endorsed by Can Makers and Canners Worldwide
  • Constantly Updated Library of Profiles and Component Drawings
  • Industry Standard Material Specifications
  • Cost Effective Surface Coating
  • Complete Seaming Roll Assemblies

TAJ seamer tooling has been manufactured in the UK since 1966 and is calculated to have seamed in excess of 2 trillion cans across every continent of the world. It truly is a proven product range.

TAJ Seaming ChuckThe TAJ legacy is tmanufacture good quality tooling in small batch quantities, on short lead-times, at prices below the high volume manufacturers.

Since acquiring the TAJ product range in 2003, Eurocan has established a strategy that will continue to support this legacy with long term investment in manufacturing, quality control, and research and development.


Double Seam Integrity


Whether the seaming machine is a modern high speed Angelus, or a single head Metal Box from yesteryear, the integrity of the double seam is totally dependent on the quality of the seaming tooling comprising the chuck and rolls on each head.
Seaming chuck and roll alignment

A double seam is formed in two operations: first the flange of the can and the curl of the end are rolled together and around one another, and then they are squeezed tight.

The end is held by the seaming chuck, while the 1st and 2nd operation seaming rolls are pushed  against the outside of the end curl to roll it into the can flange and to tighten them correctly together.

Seaming chuck and can end

The chuck lip profile must precisely fit the countersink of the end  to ensure it does not slip, without damaging its protective coating.  Each and every end specification requires a dedicated seaming chuck. Similarly, the geometry of the seaming roll groove profiles is critical to achieving the correct double seam specification.

Endorsed Worldwide

TAJ seamer tooling has been endorsed by the world’s leading can makers for decades, and is   repeatedly specified by them for use on their own can lines and on their customers’ can closing   machines. Thereby TAJ chucks and rolls are manufactured according to the original container   manufacturing standards ensuring complete compatibility. Our library of original chuck and roll profiles  is a unique resource and constantly updated. Measuring a double seam

TAJ seaming roll


Combined with a comprehensive library of chuck and roll designs  for almost every conceivable make and model of seamer, TAJ  seamer tooling is the perfect marriage of container manufacturing technology and closing machine expertise.

Material Specifications

Although tooling geometry is critical, durability is also highly important. Chucks and rolls do require regular replacement due to the huge force generated on the tooling when forming the double seam. By choosing proven material specifications, and adhering to stringent manufacturing, heat treatment and coating processes, TAJ tooling provides optimum wear life without the price premium associated with highly specialist materials and coatings.

For the can maker, chucks and rolls can be manufactured from AISI BD2 a high tensile steel that is induction hardened to Rockwell 62 and finished ground and polished to a 3 micron surface finish.

Pair of TAJ stainless steel chucks

The first choice substrate for the canner is AISI 440C stainless steel, a corrosion resistant material that can be hardened, ground and polished to the same specification as BD2. A stock of turned and hardened seaming roll blanks is kept for fast track manufacturing of common roll designs, and for customers who pre-advise specific future purchasing demand.

Stoody is a cobalt chrome metal alloy with very hard wearing characteristics. It is specified for high speed cannery seamer applications where the cost premium is justifiable due to the volume of cans being processed. We specialise in the supply of Stoody rolls in small batch quantities required for product proving and testing, in aggressive seaming environments for the canning industry, and where a more durable tool life is sought for specific applications.

Titanium Nitride Coating

TAJ titanium nitride coated seaming chuck

All tool material substrates can be enhanced by coating with titanium nitride, which increases durability and resistance to pick-up of the lacquer coating from the end. We offer a PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) TiN coating option which is applied at comparatively low temperatures between 250C to 480C to avoid tool distortion and to alleviate the need for very refined and expensive pre-machining techniques. The gold coloured coating is formed by a TiN layer of between 5 m and 6 m thickness. PVD TiN can be applied quickly and economically, ensuring optimum cost effective performance.

Complete Roll Assemblies

TAJ assembled seaming roll

As a full service company specialising in can closing machines and seaming technology we provide a wide range of replacement parts, and offer to supply our seaming rolls fully assembled with pins, bearings, shims and caps where applicable and according to the original manufacturer’s exact specifications.

Flanging & Necking Tooling

Lanico necking and flanging tooling

To complement our seamer tooling business, we have also developed a similarly high quality and cost effective capability in necking and flanging tooling. Please contact us for more details.


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