Beer and Beverage

For businesses in the burgeoning craft beer and craft beverage industry, canning has become a popular method of maintaining quality and safety. We are global canning solutions experts and our wealth of experience in working with beer and beverage producers enables us to offer a high quality micro canning and craft beer canning service.

The canning of beers, beverages and soda has traditionally been a high-volume large company activity, where line speeds of 1,000 cans per minute are considered ‘slow’. Can makers invest in multi million dollar can-making lines, and seek to come up with ever thinner two piece cans and beverage ends. This ongoing development in can construction provides a continual challenge to the designers of double seaming technology in maintaining high quality consistent can seams while adhering to new can and end specifications.

The beer and beverage canning industry received another boost when craft beer became popular in North America. Micro brewers soon realised that cans keep beer fresher for longer, easily defeating bottled beers’ mortal enemies: oxygen and sunlight

A micro canning industry was soon born, and companies such as Cask Brewing Systems in Canada, and American Beer Equipment and Wild Goose Canning in the USA responded to the demand for craft beer canning systems. Now the revolution has spread around the globe; and with it the challenge of ensuring the integrity of double seams by matching regional can suppliers seam specifications. After all, leaking cans destroy brands!

Eurocan has over fifty years combined experience in double seaming technology, and has been supplying global canning systems since 1994. The mechanical seaming cam technology in our INOX beverage seamers guarantees double seam precision and repeatability for millions of cans. It is the same technology used in a 2,000 cans-per-minute rotary seamer, and includes base pressure adjustment; a critical part of achieving correct seam specification.

Our INOX 10BEVM table top can seamer was designed specifically for the semi-automatic double seaming of lightweight beer and beverage cans in accordance with can makers’ seam specifications. It is now employed by micro canners worldwide, and by can makers themselves for double seam development, canning trials and research and development.

For automated canning systems we offer our 10BEV seaming station assemblies which can be integrated into existing filling system technology, or into an existing filling line producing both bottled and canned beer or beverages.

INOX beverage can seamers are manufactured in 316 stainless steel to comply with food safety and hygiene standards and are CE Marked and supplied with an EU Declaration of Conformity; a legal requirement for equipment sold in any European country. We operate a worldwide after-sales spare parts and technical assistance program and maintain a full stock of replacement parts and tooling at our UK factory.

Eurocan Sales & Service Ltd have been serving the international can making and canning industry since 1994, and our INOX can seamers are manufactured in the United Kingdom. If you are interested in buying an INOX can sealer, we can provide technical assistance on can and end specifications, sealer tooling design, double seam specifications, and quality control practices and essential equipment to support your can seaming process.