INOX 10A Seamer for Industrial Smoke Manufacturer

We supplied our popular INOX 10A can sealer model to a well known smoke manufacturer, based here in the UK. They were looking for a robust can closing machine that was capable of handling the frequent can size changes required by their process.

The company is one of Europe’s biggest players in the smoke manufacturing industry; an ISO 9001:20008 accredited organisation, known for its technical expertise that has been developing and producing smoke products, along with insecticides, fungicides and acaricides, since the middle of the nineteenth century.

Our client, still based on their original site in the UK, has developed a range of products with specific applications, including pesticide and natural smokes that can be used in enclosed areas, industrial smoke solutions employed in the testing of pipe and ductwork airflow and disinfectants for areas that require a comprehensive hygiene treatment.

The company also offers its expertise and smoke-manufacturing resources for collaborative work in both UK and overseas markets and has a reputation for manufacturing high quality products that are tested stringently before entering the market.

Their production process employs three different can sizes, so they were looking for a can closer that was able to facilitate speedy can height changes through a process that was user friendly and that did not compromise on accuracy.

We were able to supply them with our INOX 10A tin closer, a single station pneumatically actuated semi-automatic seamer. The INOX 10A is widely employed across a number of industrial sectors, from dried and processed food production to the tinning of industrial materials, and this versatile machine has also been used in a number of secondary applications, including staff development, research and double seam analysis.

The INOX 10A can seal both the tin plate and paperboard cans used by our client, providing a high rate of first operation revolutions to give optimum double seam integrity. It incorporates a simple head height adjustment facility, operated with a hand wheel and lead screw, making it easy for operators to adjust the can height settings, while meeting the company’s stringent quality and precision requirements. In addition, the robust all-stainless steel build of the INOX 10A means that it can deliver reliable and consistent can-seaming, with minimal requirement for maintenance or repair.

We were able to assist our client with the integration of the INOX 10A into their production process, offering guidance and relevant training, and our machine is now an integral part of this growing company’s technological infrastructure.