INOX 110G Linear Seamer for Gassed Coffee Cans

The INOX 110G Linear Seamer is a popular can seaming machine that is able to hygienically and precisely seal a wide range of tinplate and paperboard cans. It has become an integral part of production processes for many companies in the food sector.

One client who we were able to help was looking for a machine that could handle the closing of their coffee granule product in tinplate cans. The cans had been specially commissioned from Tinworks UK, part of the Tinworks Group that has been manufacturing tins for the global market from their bases in China and Sri Lanka for over two decades.

The company who had commissioned the cans were at the forefront of the boom in the UK espresso market and have a reputation for innovation in the coffee industry that dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. They employ a team of in-house coffee buyers who travel the world to find the best quality sources. The high quality of their coffee product and their commitment to international standards of organic farming and environmentally sustainable methods are integral to their branding. They needed a canning solution that would be both environmentally sound and that would preserve the delicate flavour of their coffee, which they were contracted to supply to one of the UK’s leading retail chains.

Having listened to their requirements, we were able to recommend the INOX 110G Linear Seamer. The INOX 110G is a flexible, yet dependable machine that is ideally suited to the food production industry, and that fully complies with the strictest European food safety rules.

Our client needed a seamer that could seal their chosen specification of can in a low residual oxygen atmosphere, in order to fully preserve the distinctive flavour of their coffee. The INOX 110G, with its under-cover nitrogen gassing functionality, was perfect for their needs. In addition, the machine comes with the space and all the necessary electrical and mechanical connections to add a second seaming station, doubling the user’s can-seaming capacity from 15 up to 30 cans a minute, to meet rising production demand.

We were able to supply the INOX 110G Linear Seamer, together with all the necessary replacement parts and tooling that would also enable our client to tailor the machine to take a range of can end diameters from 73 mm up to 153 mm. With the INOX 110G integrated into their production process, our client is able to meet the needs of their customers and continue to build their reputation as a supplier of high quality coffee products.

INOX 110G Linear Seamer for Gassed Coffee Cans

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