INOX 10BEV Seamer for Craft Beer

We have supplied canning machines to a number of companies operating in the beer and beverages sector and our INOX seamers are popular with craft beer makers.

One of our clients was a UK customer that focuses on creating complete canning systems tailored to small-scale production. They were looking for a reliable, high quality seaming machine to incorporate into a turnkey beer canning system for a small-scale UK brewer.

Canning is an increasingly popular packaging solution for the beer and beverages industry as it is more effective than bottling at protecting a liquid product from light and oxygen degradation, helping to preserve the distinctive flavour of a beer or beverage. Cans are also easier to transport as they take up less room and are more robust when packed than bottles, helping companies to cut costs, reduce their carbon footprint and ensure that their product reaches its end destination in the best possible condition.

This particular brewer, based on a working farm in the heart of the UK, focuses on producing a range of beers through environmentally-friendly processes. The success of their award-winning beers is built entirely on the attention to detail that goes into the beer-making process and it was therefore essential that their canning solution did not affect the unique taste qualities of each of their distinctive beer products.

We were happy to recommend the INOX 10BEV seamer to our client. The INOX 10BEV is a pneumatically actuated can seamer that has been optimised to offer an efficient, precision closing solution for beer and beverage cans and ends. This fully automatic model is popular throughout the expanding craft beer and craft cider industry, as it can produce the same high standard of double-seam quality required by multinational canning operations, yet is suitable for integration into a low volume beer or beverage business.

The INOX 10BEV can accommodate a wide range of beverage can and end sizes, and was the ideal machine to precision-seam the 330ml cans and can ends used by this brewery. Employing industry-preferred clockwise can rotation, its high first operation revolutions ensure maximum double seam integrity, and it is able to close cans at a rate of up to thirty per minute, making it the perfect fit for their production process.

In addition, the 10BEV is constructed from all food grade 316 stainless steel and conforms to the strictest EU guidelines on food safety, and is ideal for use by food and beverage companies where hygiene and product integrity is paramount.

Our INOX 10BEV linear seamer has now been incorporated into a complete can-filling and closing solution that is helping this UK business to continue to grow.