INOX 10M Seamer for Industrial Seed Canning

An innovative seed company based in Kenya approached us in search of a reliable and versatile can-closing machine that could meet their specific needs.

The company was founded six years ago as a family business. It supplies seed stock to growers and has built a reputation for the quality of its seeds. The company provides a wide range of seeds including tomatoes, cabbages, herbs, onions, pak choi, beetroot, eggplant, okra, cucumber, carrots and broccoli. All of their seed varieties are carefully sourced and tested, and are chosen for their particular qualities, such as pest and disease tolerance, vigour of germination, and yield.

The high quality of the company’s product, based on a deep understanding of the needs of local growers, is at the core of their brand identity, and they have also built a good reputation for the speed of their distribution and delivery. The links they have forged with global plant breeders have enabled them to become one of the fastest growing seeds businesses in Africa, but this rapid growth required an upgrade in their production technology.

The company uses 73mm diameter welded tinplate cans to distribute its seeds. These cans are the preferred form of packaging for seeds in Africa, as they can withstand the climactic and logistical rigours of transportation on a continent with a developing infrastructure, so they were looking for a machine capable of handling this size of can. But the company also needed to ensure that the seeds were sealed in the best possible in-can environment, to maintain their quality and integrity.

To meet their needs, we were able to recommend and supply the INOX 10M motor-driven can sealer. This manually actuated tin seamer is employed in a number of different industrial sectors, and is ideally suited to the seaming of cans in a low-speed production line. It is a rotating can seamer that employs the industry-standard clockwise rotation and offers a maximised number of first operation revolutions, which significantly boost seam integrity.

The INOX 10M was well suited for the company’s canning requirements, offering a reliable and minimal-maintenance tinning machine that produced can seams able to withstand the demands of transportation, while maximising the quality of the in-can atmosphere to preserve the company’s seed product. Manufactured from all food grade 316 stainless steel, the INOX 10M uses food grade grease lubrication and conforms with the most rigorous EU hygiene and safety standards, making it the ideal solution for a company focused on seed quality.

In addition to supplying the INOX 10M, we were able to offer the company advice and assistance with the installation and operation of the machine, which is now helping them to meet the needs of thousands of seed growers and farmers.

INOX 10M Seamer for Industrial Seed Canning