INOX 10V Vacuum Seamer for Abalone Canner

A major African sea-food farming business, operating in the worldwide abalone market, was looking for a reliable can seamer that was capable of closing two sizes of can under vacuum while conforming with stringent food safety and food hygiene standards.

The company is based in South Africa, where abalone are bred in specially designed open-air tanks that are fed by fresh seawater, enabling the abalone to be reared and grown in an ecology that is virtually identical to their natural environment. The abalone growth process takes up to three years, and is carefully supervised by highly trained staff. When the abalone is ready to go to market, it is transported to a processing facility or packed at one of the dedicated packing facilities at one of the company’s farms.

The abalone produced by the company is canned with only salt and water. They do not use preservatives, flavour enhancements or additives, and the high quality of the canned product is vital to their reputation as one of the world’s leading suppliers of abalone.

We were happy to be able to meet their needs with the INOX 10V double seamer. This model is popular with many companies working in a wide range of industrial sectors, particularly in the dry and processed foods markets, as it is suitable for products that have to be packed in a low oxygen atmosphere to preserve their quality and freshness.

The INOX 10V is a versatile pneumatically-actuated motor-driven tin closing system that offered the ideal solution for this company’s abalone-production process. It was easily able to handle the 73 mm and 99 mm diameter tinplate cans and can ends used by the company, and the user-friendly can-height adjustment mechanism enables the operator to switch between can-type within twenty minutes, providing a flexible can-sealing solution.

With the INOX 10V, the abalone is sealed under vacuum, which ensures the maximum removal of residual oxygen, preserving the high quality of the product, which is essential to the company’s reputation. The INOX 10V was the right choice for this company as it is ideally suited for high-end food production processes, uses food grade grease lubrication, and is fully compliant with the stringent food safety and hygiene guidelines laid down by the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG).

As with all of our clients, we were able to assist the company with all aspects of the installation, operation and maintenance of the INOX 10V and following its successful introduction, the machine is now an important part of their production process.

INOX 10V Vacuum Seamer for Abalone Canner