INOX 110G Linear Seamer for Milk Powders

This popular linear machine is a single station fully automatic sealer. It was supplied to a company operating in the food sector that was looking for an efficient, hygienic machine to handle the sealing of tinplate and paperboard milk powder cans.

This major independent company works in the dairy industry and specialises in supplying bulk dairy products, including milk powders. They own and manage a wide range of well-known dairy brands in the retail and food services markets in both the UK and Europe, and distribute milk powder and other dairy products to a number of major retailers, food service outlets and food manufacturers, in Europe and around the globe.

They needed a machine that could bulk seal their cans using an under-seal nitrogen gassing process. Their high quality milk powders include free flowing sweet whey powder, skimmed milk powder and buttermilk powders, produced through the spray drying of dairy ingredients, and are used by the food industry in an array of different products including ice cream, confectionary, biscuits and breads, so food safety is a paramount concern.

This company also wanted a machine that was flexible enough to handle a variety of can types and that could adapt to increases or decreases in production scale as required.

We were able to recommend and supply our INOX 110G Linear Seamer. This versatile and flexible machine is widely used across the food production industry. It is capable of sealing a range of can types using under-seal nitrogen gassing, and is supplied with the essential mechanical and electrical connections and the space to add in another seaming station, effectively increasing can-sealing capacity from 15 to 30 cans per minute.

The INOX 110G is ideally suited to the food production industry as it can be washed down fully, and is in full compliance with global and European food safety and hygiene rules.

We supplied the INOX 110G Linear Seamer, along with replacement parts and the necessary tooling to adjust the machine to take four different can end diameters ranging from 73 mm up to 153 mm. As part of our service, we also advised the company on important supplementary details including maintenance and operation. The INOX 110G Linear Seamer is now an integral part of the company’s production operations, helping them to provide their high quality milk products to a growing customer base, and to continue to build their reputation.