Malt canning on an INOX 10A Can Seamer

Eurocan has recently seen a new application for our canning machines – malt extract for making beer!

An INOX 10A Seamer has been delivered to a malt and brewing equipment distributor in the UK. The 99mm diameter tinplate cans are filled with the malt extract before being employed on the 10A Seamer to create the hermetic seal.

This INOX 10A is the first of a batch of eight INOX 10 series seaming machines that are being delivered in a four week period. These include INOX 10M’s, a bespoke INOX 10DVG vacuum and gassing seamer, several table top INOX 10BEVM beverage can seamers and a newly designed bespoke INOX 10AT seamer.

The durability and ease of both set up and operation on the INOX 10 series seamers has resulted in a very strong forward order book. Thank you for the trust and confidence we are receiving!