New INOX 10DVG Vacuum and Gassing Seamer

Eurocan Sales & Service Ltd has again shown its willingness to provide bespoke seaming solutions.

A customer in Pakistan made contact to ask about the possibility of designing a can seamer that would comply with their specific requirements for high pressure vacuum and gassing of large diameter cans. This model seamer has been designated the INOX 10DVG to differentiate from the original 10VG to denote that a full vacuum and gassing chamber with an access door has been incorporated.

The full chamber isn’t the only addition however. A re-designed pneumatic control cabinet enables the operator to manually start each of the vacuum, gassing and double seaming operations. There is also a retaining ring in place to positively hold the lid off the can while ensuring it is stable during the vacuum and gassing cycle. A new mount for the larger vacuum pump along with a wider support stand ensures maximum stability.

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