Waxing Lyrical about an INOX 10M Seamer

The Darent Wax Company have taken receipt of a new INOX 10M seamer for canning leg wax.

Founded in 1984 Darent Wax have become experts in the field of wax based products, ranging from consumables to art displays.

One of their most recent projects has been to offer leg wax in a can with a full aperture foil lid. The 99mm diameter tinplate cans have a slight taper towards the top of the can with the foil lid being the end seamed on by the filler.

As with all customers Eurocan was able to offer a bespoke tooling package designed in-house to suit the cans and lid being used. Without the availability of data sheets, a chuck lip profile was created from the samples provided.

We’ll be keeping an eager eye out for the results of this application!